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Silverwing is an innovative luxury travel and concierge agency that is revolutionizing global transit and touring with managed perfection, elevating the travelers’ journey at every juncture with the finest attention to detail and exclusivity.

We deliver a comprehensive range of travel services that includes the planning and booking hotels and resorts, air and ground transportation, tours, excursions, dining, exclusive event access, and more. We provide full-service itinerary curation and management for any travel need or interest.

Above & Beyond

For every form of travel for every occasion at any destination, for one or many, Silverwing can provide custom itineraries, first-class flights and accommodations, negotiated preferred pricing, VIP services, private greeters, exclusive access, personal chefs, and more.

As an industry expert with global coverage in the luxury travel market, Silverwing is regarded as a premium service provider within the executive business community and by the discerning individual traveler alike.

Our professionalism and dedication is reflected by our many notable accreditations and consistently top-rated client satisfaction. It is our mission to bring you the best value through the most efficient process.

Your last minute requests become our first priority.

Meet our Team

The Travel Consultant Team assists clients in all aspects of travel planning with unparalleled service and personalized attention to detail.

With their expert knowledge and tireless research, the team assesses client needs and preferences to recommend optimal destinations, accommodations, private and commercial transit options, leisure activities, and more.

Working closely with our many network partners to provide exclusive amenities at the best available rates, our Travel Consultants prepare itineraries and manage bookings, coordinating transportation, accommodations, insurance, tours, dining, expeditions, events, and more. To ensure the Silverwing experience is seamless at every touchpoint, they continue to monitor arrangements for any changes or cancellations that may require adjustments or re-bookings.

Tay Schachnow

Luxury Travel Consultant

Joining Silverwing from an impressive portfolio of various client-based industries, Tay is a strong leader who takes great pride in her work. With her warm and animated personality, she easily builds connections and has excelled in establishing and sustaining relationships. Her natural interest in people guides a deep learning of her clients’ preferences and interests to serve even the finest details of their travel needs.

Pora Jenah

Luxury Travel Consultant

With more than three years in the field, Pora brings great insight and experience to travel planning. With an innate curiosity and her finger always on pulse of what is next and trending, she is a strong asset to the team. From a private dining hotspot for your next corporate retreat or your daughter’s destination wedding in the Bahamas, Pora is the person to ask.

Erin Madsen

Luxury Travel Consultant

Erin joins the team as a skilled sales associate with a professional background in event coordination including contract negotiation, banquet management, and hotel logistics planning. Through previous roles in the health and fitness industry as both a member relations specialist and a group fitness instructor, Erin has become a customer service expert who knows the importance of delivering clear and direct communication. Her work in the travel sector is supported by a personal appreciation for cultural diversity and a hunger for knowledge about the world.

Miriam Gelbhauer

Luxury Travel Consultant

Miriam’s vibrant, enthusiastic demeanor is contagious; in her new role at Silverwing, she’s come to fully embody the idea of “service with a smile.” An avid traveler, she takes joy in sharing her knowledge and wealth of experiences with her clients. A consummate professional, she meets each job with the same dedication, organization, and patience that led to her success in academia and team leadership.

Aaron Saltzman

Luxury Travel Consultant

A Silverwing veteran with over 6.5 years of experience with the team, Aaron brings with him an air of well-earned confidence, industry know-how, and a penchant for detail which belies an unending capacity for precision. When it comes to your next business trip, whether it be international or local, allow Aaron to sweat the small stuff while you focus on your work.

Chloe Chazon

Luxury Travel Consultant

Chloe is at home on a team of travel enthusiasts and enjoys the research and exploration involved in each client request. She not only works tirelessly to coordinate the best in transportation, accommodations, tours and activities, she goes go above and beyond to advise on destinations, cultures, customs, weather, packing suggestions and more. Her initiative and dedication to creating the most memorable travel experience is truly exemplary.

Akiva Neger

Founder & CEO

Inspired by a lifelong pursuit and fascination with world travel, Akiva founded Silverwing Travel & Concierge to share his passion with others, connecting them to natural wonders, cities, history, culture, friends, and family. With more than a decade of professional experience in the travel sector, it is his mission to apply his expertise and insights for a curated experience of travel that exceeds expectations.

In his continued stewardship, Akiva leads Silverwing operations, organizational structure, and strategy including partnerships, management determinations, and board communications.

eli vinitsky

chief operating officer

Mr. Vinitsky has established a company culture that aligns with the Silverwing mission to provide travel at its finest. In addition to his strategic leadership and vision, he provides senior oversight on daily business administration and operations. Mr. Vinitsky is responsible for the design and implementation of business strategies, plans, and procedures. He sets goals for company growth, evaluates performance metrics, participates in expansion activities, and manages vendor relations.

As a preeminent industry enthusiast, Mr. Vinitsky continues to manage the company's robust helicopter division with expanded operations and premier service.

Shira R.


Ms. Rosenfeld is responsible for the analysis, management, and accurate reporting of all financial data and the resolution of any found discrepancies or irregularities, working across departments to ensure a coordinated response and organizational success. She oversees the accuracy of all financial documents and proper tax filings in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Malky P.

Accountant—AR/AP Specialist

Ms. Pollack is responsible for all aspects of the accounts receivable process including invoice calculations, payment processing, bookkeeping, financial reporting, commissions, and collections. She is the client liaison for all communications regarding payment requests and arrangements.

Operation Member

Anthony Chambres

Aviation Operations Specialist

Following service as a Base Operations Supervisor and Aircraft Squadron Operations Chief in the U.S. Armed Forces, Anthony brings extensive aviation experience to his role at Silverwing. A highly organized and problem-solving operations manager, Anthony is dedicated to providing best-in-class service from initial charter inquiries, through post-flight follow-up.

Michael Weberman

Private Jet Charter and Sourcing

Michael brings a sincere enjoyment of the industry and a personal love of travel to every interaction at Silverwing. An astute travel planner and logistics manager with a well-researched, comprehensive approach to all aspects of the business, his work is precise, thorough, and assured. With his detailed organization and communication skills, Michael is a true travel professional and a most valuable asset to the team.

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